Change the world (at least your world) with Positivity and Perspective

What inspires you? What inspires your co-workers and employees? What about your children or significant other? It’s obviously different for everyone, but for me, two words that I feel are very important (both at work and at home) are “positivity” and  “perspective”.

Here’s a quick, bite-sized look at a couple of recent (and not-so-recent) examples that I have found interesting and inspiring. And maybe you’ll feel the same way.


Bobby McFerrin summarizes the key to happiness nicely, but it’s more than just a matter of letting go and feeling better.

Or is it?


“The Happy Secret to Better Work” is a stellar TEDx video that I stumbled upon a few days ago and I’ve already shared it several times— including with my three kids. It talks about how people often seek a goal, achieve success, and expect happiness. When, in fact, they should really be seeking and living a happy life, which will help them achieve success. And there’s scientific evidence to back it up.

Check is out. It’s definitely worth 12 minutes of your time.

NOTE: Bob Knight has recently parlayed his anything-but-positive approach into a book deal with his new book “The Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results.”  According to a few reviews I’ve read, it’s not really about negative thinking, rather it’s about planning for the worst and expecting the best. It’ll probably sell millions.


Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace. The title alone should be enough to pique your interest, as it did mine.

Published in 1998, this atypical business book isn’t new. But it’s among my favorites that watch over me every day from their bookshelf perch. Author Gordon MacKenzie worked for Hallmark for three decades (not overly corporate on the corporate scale, in my opinion) and learned to successfully navigate the written and unwritten rules of the business world.

Even though he held the title of Creative Paradox (a title he gave himself), it’s written from somewhat of a proletarian point of view, which provides an interesting perspective for worker bees and queen bees alike.

It’s an easy, entertaining read and I’d recommend picking up a copy here. Or feel free to swing by my office and borrow it off my shelf.


Brice Holland
March 1st, 2013

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